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Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle vinyl wrap and color change wraps grew in popularity out of the wrap advertising business. Wrap installers that performed advertising vinyls, began to offer accent and full vinyl wraps as a cosmetic enhancement. Vehicle owners, correspondingly drove demand and requested vinyl wraps that suited their desires. Rather than advertise a company or brand, vehicle owners wanted to change the color and finish of their vehicle for cosmetic or protective purposes. Manufacturers of vinyl wrap followed this trend by producing more colors and easier to install, durable materials.

One of the earliest cosmetic vinyl treatments dates to the 1950s and an aftermarket product by Newhouse Automotive Industries of Los Angeles, California.[2] Costs for DIY partial decorative (plaid or polka dot) vinyl treatments ranged from $10-$20.

The Newhouse Automotive ads described vinyl as “very latest automotive sensation:” vehicle wraps. The Newhouse ads began in 1954.

By 2017, color change vinyl wraps, paint color matching vinyl wraps, and overlaminates evolved to include complex and creative graphic designs and advanced colors. Metallic, chrome, color shifting and even vinyl wraps that match OEM paint code colors are available.

Color Change and “Paint Wrap” is a term used by wrap installers and refers to a full-color change, as if one were ‘painting’ car with vinyl wrap. Demand for color matching vinyl wrap has grown. Wrap is manufactured to match vehicle paint colors and metallics, as well as in colors used in print such as Pantone colors.

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